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Sketchy Wings: Flappy Stickman

Help the Stickman fly through the gaps with his makeshift wings. Simply tap to keep flying, and make sure you don't run into a wall! Simple but challenging... this game will have you hooked for hours trying to beat your high score

Stickman series

Stickman Water Trampoline

Join the greatest trampolinists in the water world as you flip and spin in the summer heat in this amazingly addictive game! Tilt your device to land on different sides of the trampoline, but don't fall off! Top GameCentre leaderboards in this summer themed game...!

Stickman series

Stickman Turkey Hunter

Test your aim and your reaction speed as you shoot down turkeys in this addictive holiday game. Pick your favorite gun and try to hit as many as you can to score points. Take down the Rocket Turkey to earn bonus points or the Angel Turkey to restore a life, but watch out for bombs! Three misses and you're out. ..

Stickman series

Stickman Trampoline

the real question is this: Do you have what it takes to master the insane height & flip combos of Stickman trampoline?Quit wasting your time on a bottle flip, and join over 2.5 MILLION Downloaders who have gotten hooked on Stickman Trampoline!

Stickman series

Stickman Baseball Home Run

Swipe the screen to smash that ball as far as you can, but be sure not to strike out! Accumulate stars by hitting the ball in different directions and use your stars to unlock bonus levels!

Stickman series

Stickman High Diving 2

Touch, jump, dive and flip from soaring heights in this amazingly addictive game! For each level you're required to land a perfect dive, and our judges will rate your dive from a 0-10. If you hit the target score, you move upward to onward to harder dives!

Stickman series

Stickman Trick Shot Basketball

Use crazy obstacles to sink insane trick shots in Stickman Trick Shot Basketball!

Bounce the ball off of random objects and try to score a shot that's fancy enough to unlock the next level. Start in the streets and keep moving your way up to the beach court & gym!

Stickman series

Stickman Big Air Skateboarding

Your favorite Stickman is back and ready to conquer the Mega Ramp!

Start in the back yard and work your way up to the massive stadium ramp. Combine board tricks and spins and try to stick a perfect landing!

Stickman series

Stickman 1-on-1 Dodgeball

Get in on some 1 on 1 Dodgeball action with this addicting new Stickman game. Master your skills in multiple game modes and try to become the top Dodgeballer worldwide.